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2019-06-04 15:35:51

Roller chain is a kind of power chain for conveying machinery. It is a type of chain transmission. It is widely used in industry and agricultural machinery, including conveyor, plotter, printing,packing machine, automobile and so on. It is linked by a series of short cylindrical rollers and driven by a gear called sprocket. It is a simple, reliable and effective power transmission device.

Roller chain can be made into single-row chains and multi-row chains. When it is necessary to bear large loads and transmit large power, multi-row chains can be used. Multi-row chains are equivalent to several ordinary single-row chains connected with each other by long pins. Their bearing capacity is proportional to the number of rows, but the more rows, the more difficult it is to make the force uniform in each row. Therefore, the number of rows should not be too many. There are usually two-row chains and three-row chains.GB/T 1243-1997 stipulates that roller chain is divided into A and B series, in which A series is commonly used for high speed, heavy load and important transmission, and its main parameters are shown in the table. The chain number in the table is the same as the corresponding international standard number. The chain number multiplied by 25.4/16mm is the pitch value. Series B is used for general transmission. Roller chain is marked as: chain number, row number, chain section number, standard number. For example, 10A-1-86-GB/T1243-1997 indicates: A series of roller chains, pitch 15.875mm, single row, chain number 86, manufacturing standard GB/T1243-1997.

The advantages of roller chain drive: compared with belt drive, it has no elastic sliding, can maintain accurate average transmission ratio, and has higher transmission efficiency; the chain does not need large tension force, so the axle and bearing bear less load; it can not slip, reliable transmission, strong overload capacity, and can work better under low speed and heavy load.

GIDI CHAIN LIMITED mainly produce short pitch precision roller chains, double pitch transmission chains and conveyor chains, short pitch conveying roller chains accessories, double pitch conveying roller accessories, hollow pin roller chains and bush chains, large roller conveyor chains and accessories, large pitch conveyor chains, with stable quality, durable products. It can also be made with samples and drawings not calibrated.

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