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Reasons and Solutions for Wear of Industrial Conveyor Chain

2019-10-21 11:01:30

Industrial conveyor chain in long-term use, because of some reasons may cause wear and tear, why wear and tear, what measures to prevent wear and tear, the corresponding solutions are provided to you.


First point: The wear and tear of industrial conveyor chains makes chains ineffective. The main reasons are the poor quality of industrial conveyor chains and the improper operation of workers. The most vulnerable parts of the chain are sprockets and pins. The wear of these two parts is mainly due to insufficient local lubrication. In order to avoid this phenomenon, operators should check the lubrication effect frequently, add lubricating oil in time, check whether there is abrasive in lubricating oil or change the lubrication mode. When the sprocket is slightly worn, the sprocket can be reverse-mounted so that the lighter side of the wear is oriented towards the chain.


Second point: If the use environment is bad or the lubrication seal is bad, it will cause the wear of the hinges. Once the hinges are worn and the links become longer, it is easy to cause the jump of teeth or the release of the chains when working, thus reducing the service life of the chains and accelerating the failure of the chains. The solution is naturally a good use environment, if the environment can not be changed, then it can be solved by maintenance.


In the use of industrial conveyor chains, wear and tear will occur. It should be remembered that the conveyor chains can not be overloaded, that is, put too much weight, so that the industrial conveyor chains can be used within a reasonable range, so as to prevent wear and tear and better protect the industrial conveyor chains.