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Reason For Corrosion

2019-03-15 15:31:21

Industrial chain is a special conveyor chain application for special industry. The material of chain are usually carbon steel, alloy steel or 304 stainless steel. They can be both used for industry area for different applications. It plays an important part in driving, and lifting.  And lots of areas need industrial chains. We offer four reasons that causing chain corrosion as followings:
1.Companies have not obeyed the rule of cleaning rust and oil seal packaging. For example, the chain has contacted with corrosive liquids or gases.
2.The quality of rust prevention and cleaning products have not reached the technology requirements.
3.The quality of chain is decreased gradually because of the price of chain dropped again and again.
4.Some companies environment are bad. It usually has high levels of harmful substances in the air and working space is too small. It will be difficult to carry out effective anti rust treatment. Certainly there are workers in violation of regulations with the hot weather.

As we all know,the development of chain industry is very rapidly at present and types are increasing gradually. So it is difficult to choose. We should know various advantages of the chain in order to do the best choice.