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On the development of non-standard chain Market

2019-11-01 12:53:39

Energy saving and emission reduction, as the key part of the 12th Five Year Plan, is gradually infiltrating into all walks of life. On the one hand, energy saving and emission reduction has increased the production pressure of high energy consumption and high pollution non-standard chain wholesale, on the other hand, it is constantly promoting many non-standard chain and non-standard chain progressive reform. Among them, hinge, slide rail, hinge and non-standard chain are used most frequently in daily life, so they are more important. However, the rapid growth of domestic non-standard chain industrial economy is at the cost of resource luxury, power luxury and environmental pollution, which is an extensive economic growth mode.


In recent years, due to the continuous progress of customer demand, the non-standard chain parts put forward greater demand and higher demand.


The focus of lock up enterprises is often the first-line and second-line enterprises in China, while many of them are sneering at them, lacking the foresight to cultivate shopping malls. At that time, China was still a developing country, and non-standard chain manufacturers mainly wholesale small and medium-sized non-standard chain, and the low-level repeated creation was very severe. Most door business owners said that when we seek to cooperate with the lock enterprises, most lock enterprises have less demand for non-standard chains, and they politely refuse to open molds due to the relatively high cost. Therefore, the traditional non-standard chain lifting non-standard chain way has long been unable to meet the needs of enterprises. The strengthening of technology and skills should start from cutting, stamping, die casting, surface treatment and active assembly line. Therefore, lock up enterprises should change the existing way basis, increase the manpower input of regional marketing teams, actively open up new ways, attach importance to brand promotion, and strive for a balanced development in the National Mall.


With the gradual expansion of non-standard chain wholesale and the further sophistication and modernization of operation and management, how to better use the increasingly sophisticated capital market for our own use, create new opportunities for brand development, become the focus of excellent brand and backbone non-standard chain wholesale, now many non-standard chain wholesale have made attempts, and the operation of capital market has become even more powerful. In terms of skills development with independent intellectual property rights, many skills fill the gaps in China. Some projects have also been listed in the national Spark Program, filling the gaps in skills of major national projects nine times in succession, and non-standard chain skills have obtained hundreds of patents. In the past 10 years, the number of imports and exports has increased significantly, which has become the golden age for the development of non-standard chain operation in China. The company actively introduces foreign advanced equipment from a long-term perspective, and when creating new production lines, uses the space created by the river in the production area in a fair and wonderful way to form a three-dimensional production line. In terms of brand building, it has built a three-dimensional brand system of boss, fame and dize. In non-standard chain wholesale, business division system is implemented. From raw material purchase to non-standard chain, from skill development to market development, all parts are fully responsible, breaking the growing trend of private non-standard chain wholesale.

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