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Notice For Storing Each Chains

2019-03-15 15:42:11

People are not very known about the professional words, such as special convoy chain, special-shaped non-standard chain. But mostly people have connected with bicycle chain.

Many people have seen the bicycle chain rust or fall off. It is same as special convoy chain. We must do good chain maintenance to extend the service life of chain and ensure the machine work normally. In fact it is not very complex to do daily chain maintenance. Each type chain has similar maintenance method.

Firstly you should avoid to store the chain at too wet place. Too wet environment will cause the chain oxidation. The chain sprocket is likely to rust if they have been storage for long time. This has effect on product quality and even effect sales.

Secondly don’t put the chains at the place with high temperature or direct sunlight. The product volume will be increased after used for a long time. It is not meet the size requirement and even effect the production application. At the same time, the physical properties of product also have changes.

Finally sprocket chain must be keep far away from the chemical corrosion. Sprocket chain stored close to chemical corrosion is harmful to people health and the chain is easily to be rust. So there will be an effect on product application.