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Manufacture High Tensile Chain

2019-03-15 15:46:04

There are many processes in making high tensile chain. Such as shot, squeeze holes. Chain plate processing also includes bright punching, double-sided printing, four points rivet and other nwe technology. These can ensure the chain quality.

In addition, it also involves heat treatment.Sometimes people nitrogen maintenance and annealing, sometimes people will do quenching and tempering. After a series of treatment, the chain quality will be more stable. With the development of related technology, it apears more and more professional devices. It includes high speed pin machine, high speed winding machine, chain installation active line, high speed chain installation machine and so on.

Shot peening is one of surface treatment for making high tensile chain. It will form uniform small pits, that can improve the fatigue strength of chain surface. Sometimes people like to adopting electroplate method. The part surface will form nickel plating layer. This layer can not only decorate the high tensile chain, but also prevent corrosion. Nickel-plated high tensile chain is usually used outdoor. In the heat treatment equipment, people is habit to use various auxiliary medium. It can improve part structure and various physical properties.