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Maintenance For Roller Chain Drive

2019-03-15 15:21:37

It has practical significance for roller chain maintenance due to extensive application of chain drive. If the maintenance is more better, the fault will be more less. Practice shows that if you can comply with a few simple principles of maintenance, the cost could be more less, the life will be more long and its ablity could play fully. Firstly, each sprocket should have good coplanarity and chain channel should remain unobstructed. Secondly, chain sag should keep proper. Thirdly,check the surface of the sprocket regularly, if there is any broken, please change it in time. And finally, also the most important,you should often keep good lubrication.
  Generally speaking, chain and sprocket design is consistent with the use of the conditions and environment but without good lubrication, it can not ensure the life and play its performance. Once the lubrication is insufficient, the pin and the sleeve is worn and cause engagement of the chain and sprocket disorders noise increases, the chain elongation and even scission accident. Poor lubrication between the roller and sleeve wear will casue the early parts wear seriously and even can not continue to use. Therefore you must develop a reasonable plan for selecting the lubricant viscosity and location, method, intervals for oil and fuel injection. In order to make each friction surface of the chain well lubricated. It is a crucial measures to play the chain performance. Lubrication regularly could reduce wear and power consumption, prevent the gluing caused by adhesive wear, eliminate overheating caused by friction, ensure drive smoothly and prolong the service life.