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Lubrication Analysis Of Agriculture Roller Chain

2019-03-15 15:44:04

Agricultural three wheel transportation vehicle,tractor, harvester and other agricultural roller chains are usually used outside. The dust must fall on the sleeve and pin of the chain. Chain lubrication is regular manual oil drop or brush oil lubrication. So the main wear mechanism is abrasive wear. The surface of sleeve and pin is in high hardness under the abrasive wear mechanism. It is helpful to improve wear resistance. At the same time, The initial surface hardness of pin shaft is higher than the initial surface hardness of sleeve. It is in favor of reducing the wear rate.

Agricultural roller chain main wear mechanism is scratch with oil lubrication conditions. Fatigue crack propagation is the main factors influencing the fatigue life. The higher surface hardness, the faster crack growth rate. Certainly scratch is more easily to be happen and wear will also be more seriously. It offers important basis to designing original surface hardness of agriculture roller chain.

There is furrow with determine direction. This is wear surface features to pin shaft and sleeve. While sleeve wear surface present cross fatigue crack, the pin shaft wear surface showed obvious adhesion phenomenon. The typical plowing effect of sleeve and pin shaft parts is further showing that the main wear mechanism of agriculture roller chain is abrasive wear.