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Lubricating Way To Convey Chain

2019-03-15 15:32:42

The viscosity of lubricating oil movement is about 20 to 40 under the movement temperature in per second.
Conveyor chain usually have four types of lubricating in transmission process. They are oil drip lubrication, oil lubrication, brush oil, oil bath lubrication or splash lubrication.
1.Drop the oil on the gap of internal and external chainplate through the oil pipe with oil cup.
2.The pump pressure lubrication supply chain continuously with the pump through the tubing.
3.Use pot or brush to oil artificial and regularly.
4.Use sealing transmission box to oil bath lubrication or splash lubrication. The former part of the chain and the chain wheel submerged in oil and the latter uses oil pan to splash with large diameter.

You can use oil instead of them only the speed is very slow and can not supply the place. Chain well has been a very important part in many conveyor equipment and transmission equipment. Chain wheel now are mostly used in the foundation of sprocket assembly, tensioning the chain and weight box to adjust the tension of the couplet. The operation and maintenance are all not very trouble because its structure is not very complex. It will operate in accordance with the provisions of the direction when use the sprocket and chain tensioning at the same time. It will not has the condition of swing and the operation is stable and reliable.