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Influencing Factors To Drive Chain Quality

2019-03-15 15:43:05

Drive chain plays an irreplaceable role in modern industry. Drive chain quality is decided by the work efficiency of transmission chain. Next we will tell some factor that affect the drive chain quality.

1.Dissimilar metal combination. For example, industrial transmission chain is formed by the combination of iron and copper, tin, lead and other non ferrous metals.

2.The chains pollution. Such as paint pollution and oil pollution. In general, alkaline degreasing fluid is not easy to remove. It is necessary to use special solvent to remove by incineration and blasting method. Besides removing welding slag is also important.

3.Material of industrial transmission chain. The material will affect hot dip galvanizing coating arrangement and thickness. It can be reduced to the least influence with the exchange of technical advance.

4.Welding method. Industrial transmission chain welded method has great effect on hot dip galvanized steel structure quality. Serious and even lead to split or product deformation.

5.Doubt in description. Industrial chain layout description is the main factor for hot dip galvanizing quality of work.

6.Industrial chain scale size and component. The chain can fully immersed in liquid zinc. It is too long or too wide which need to be divided two dip. The engaged appearance will be rough or too thick.