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How to strengthen the strength of serrated link

2020-05-13 17:08:01

The quality of serrated link is very important for the normal operation of conveyor. The longer the service life of sawtooth link is, the more beneficial to the production of coal mine. So, how should we strengthen the strength of serrated link and how to maintain the link? Let me introduce it to us!


The cracking of mineral connector unit is one of the main failure forms, which is mainly to improve the quality of production and heat treatment process to improve the fatigue strength. Today, how to bring us reasonable maintenance of the connecting ring.


1、 Improve the steel quality of saw tooth link for mining


High alloy structure is used to strengthen the quality control scale of the impurity steel in the steel, and the composite toughening process makes the grain refinement arrangement, then eliminates the internal stress when forging the blank, improves the mechanical properties of the material, and then reduces the effective ore cracking in the chain.


2、 Reasonable selection of heat treatment process parameters


1. As for medium frequency heat treatment, the following basic principles can be followed for proper adjustment.


2. Properly raise the quenching and tempering temperature.


3. Increase the cooling rate of quenching medium.


3、 Correct and reasonable installation mode


When laying the saw tooth chain link device, design the device in strict accordance with the practical operating system operation instructions. In the process of transportation, in order to prevent as many other cards as possible, it is important to crack the large chain. In case of uneven distribution of development speed when scraper is working, timely inspection and cleaning shall be carried out to prevent fatigue cracking of sawtooth connecting chain.


4、 In order to improve the fatigue strength of serrated link, the following measures should be taken


1. By shot peening and other surface strengthening techniques, the residual stress on the surface of saw tooth chain link can be increased to prevent crack growth.


2. Improve the manufacturing process of the saw tooth chain link, ensure the accurate gear system processing, and then ensure that the teeth of the saw tooth chain link are evenly stressed, so that its strength and life are increased.