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How to solve the problem of tightness of industrial conveyor chain?

2019-11-08 12:40:24

When the industrial conveying chain is in operation for a period of time, or when it is in commissioning, it often feels loose or tight. If you find such a problem, how to solve it, that is to say, how to deal with the tightness of the industrial conveying chain?


This paper summarizes two methods to solve the tightness of industrial conveyor chain, which can be used for reference.


First, due to the deviation of pitch and small batch processing, it is difficult to ensure the actual effect, including the diameter and roundness.


Second, once the pitch of the chain deviates, it can be improved by changing the chain. It is important to change several more chains to achieve the best effect. As a standard part, the probability of this kind of possibility is very small.


If the industrial chain is loose or tight, there may be some errors in industrial transportation. If the error is serious, you can choose to replace the chain. If it is not serious, you can see whether it can be solved through debugging.