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How To Prevent Chain Scission

2019-03-15 15:32:02

Generally speaking, there are two types of roller chain scission. They are breaking strength and fatigue fracture. Breaking strength means that with large coal, iron and other things clip on the tracks and making the roller chain broken finally. Fatigue fracture means that the roller chain has worked for long time and the its wear resistant coating on the surface fallen off, wear resistance decreased, carrying capacity weakened and the roller chain fatigue fracture.
In case of accident, we must control the quality of roller chain in the processing and  procurement. Regular inspection of the roller chain, find and solve problems. When the roller chain is working, we should standardize work processes. At the same time, we must change the roller chain in time if it necessary. After the roller chain cleaned and oiled. Inverted tooth plate slowly and the chain link could be straightened. If some links still keep an angle, it indicated that the action is smoothly and it also called knot. It must be adjusted. The damaged links must be changed immediately.
You should pay attention to the fair when using chain device. It is not easy to put the thimble warped. Use tools carefully could not only protect the toll but also reach good effect. Otherwise the tool is easily to be damaged and even damage the parts of tool. It is a vicious spiral. Always ensure the chain has some oil.