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How To Know Chain Quality

2019-03-15 15:33:11

According to the purpose of chain, there are transmission chain, conveyor chain, decorative chain, rope tight chain and specialty chain. But according to their structure, they can divide into roller chain, sleeve chain, plate chain, nylon roller chain, scraper chain and ring chain.
The chain is an important mechanical part. If its quality is poor, it will be scission when using and form social stopped. So must be very careful to compare and select higher quality products.
You can know chain quality by its appearance. Whether the chain plate show deformation condition and there is cracks, corrosion or other damages. Certainly you should ensure the pin, roller, joint parts are normal and without any loose deformation, wear crack status. The chain also should be smooth.
You can measure the length of the chain precisely. But you must clean before measure and put the chain around the two sprocket to make it has good supporting.  
Measure the elongation of the chain. It need to exert the pull tension in order to solve the clearance above the chain. In order to ensure result error is less, you should measure in proper position according to the actual situation, then extension length of extreme.   
Choose the good quality chain can ensure the mechanical equipment for continuous operation. It can transmission function effectively to promote the development of stable consumer life.