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Heat Treatment For the Roller Chain

2019-03-15 15:26:24

Proper heat treatment of the chain components is a critical aspect to optimum wear life. Mechanical and physical properties of the chain components can be altered so much by heat treatment, that if done improperly, more harm than good could result. Therefore, heat treatment must be understood and closely controlled to obtain the most effective results. With these criteria in mind, GiDi Industrial chain Factory employs its own metallurgist and lab personnel to closely monitor and maintain the highest quality standards.

Standard pins and bushings are carburized or case hardened. This process transforms the outside of the parts into a hard, wear-resistant surface but allows the inner core to remain tough and ductile to absorb normal shock loads.

The two key elements of heat treatment of the chain components are case hardness and case depth. Case hardness and case depth must be within the range that allows for maximum wear resistance and durability. If the depth of the case hardness is too deep, the part becomes brittle and can break during operation. If the depth of the case hardness is too shallow, the case hardness will wear away prematurely followed by rapid elongation.