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Faults In Conveyor Chain

2019-03-15 15:57:46

Conveyor chain is the most common chain in industrial chains. From the line to the food industry, conveyor chain is in everywhere. However the conveyor chain wear is also very common. Because conveyor chain is too tired. If the chain has been worn for long time, that will really direct its working efficiency. In fact, you can arranged the chain in a reverse and continue to use with the slight wear one. As we all known, adding lubricating oil regularly to the conveyor chain can decrease the wear. Above all, conveying chain faults are mainly caused of wear for a long time.

Conveyor chain is often regarded as handling equipment parts in modern industry. With the application of automatic mechanical transmission equipment, conveyor chain is not only limited in mechanical equipment field. Nowadays you can usually see people use conveying chain plate. Such as climbing lift with chain plate. The main structure of conveyor chain material adopts carbon steel or galvanized material. It is made by its surface treatment technology. It could adapt to strong material load and widely used in metal manufacturing industry. That has strong cut resistant and shock resistant ability.