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Different Between Single Pitch Roller Chain and Double Pitch Roller Chain

2019-03-15 15:41:26

Roller chain is used in textile, agricultural machinery, lifting transportation, engineering, mining, light industry, chemical industry and other mechanical transmission shaft. It is also suitable for high temperature, wet and dusty conditions. But it can not be used in the occasion with high speed, drastic impact load or axial force. Chain coupling should working in good lubrication and protection cover conditions. There are a large differences between single pitch roller chain and double pitch roller chain.
Plate chain is a chain hanging composed of a chain plate and a pin shaft. Stainless steel chain is available in pharmaceutical, water and temperature and other special environment. Antirust chain is a chain of nickel plating. Standard accessories chain additional accessories chain. Double roller chain is standard roller chain that based on JIS and ANSI specifications for reference. It is low speed transmission chain which with light weight. And it is suitable to device that with long axial distance. Double pitch roller chain is mainly used for conveying.

Roller chain coupling use public chain. The main difference of coupling is the different chains. We often see double roller chain coupling, single row roller chain coupling, tooth shape chain coupling, nylon chain coupling. Chain coupling has a large number of advantages. Such as simple structure,convenient assembly, long service life,low cost and others.