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Conveyor Chain

2019-03-15 15:27:18

Conveyor chain is same as transmission chain and also composed by a series of bearings. The most important feature for the conveyor chain is large and heavy. They are fixed by chain plate which with binding effect. So the positional relationship between each other is very accurate. Roller chain rotate on the bearing that includes a pin or a sleeve. Pin and sleeve are also subjected to surface hardening treatment, so it will allow them hinged at higher pressure. While it can withstand the pressure transmitted through the rollers and the shock when engaged. Various intensities conveyor chain also has a range of different pitches. Minimum chain pitch depends on the strength requirements to the sprocket teeth. However the maximum chain pitch depends on the strength of chain plate and generic chain.

Conveyor chain is widely used for transporting all kinds of boxes, bags, trays and other pieces of cargo. Bulk materials, small items or other irregular items should be put on the pallets or into the crates for conveying. It can convey heavy materials or bear big shock. Its structure could be divided into two type  by driving mode. They are power lines and power roller drum line. Certainly, it can be divided into three types by arrangement form. They are horizontal conveyor drum line, inclined conveying drum line and turning drum line. We can also designed with customer requirements.