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Clean Up Bicycle Chain Timely

2019-03-15 15:34:39

Nowadays it is more and more popular to health and green travel. Power transmission of the bicycle is basically  rely on the sprocket and chain. So we must take good care of these parts and ensure traffic safety.

If the bike chain has not maintained, it will have the pollutant load chain after using for many times. It is easy to solve the problem of fallen chain. But it also means that the chain has been very old. The chain not own its original elastic and the transmission effect will be affected in riding. Certainly its effect will be affected. It is very difficult in putting the chain up and down. At the same time, you will feel the bike heavy. So you had better often clean these parts and adding some lubricating oil in order to let them run more smoothly.

People is more worried about the chain scission when riding. It must use professional tool to repair the chain and link up again. The mainly reason to this situation is not clean the chain in time. Then it lead wear faster. And these parts will aging faster. So you must often clean these chain parts and check them to ensure the bicycle could be used normally. At the same time, it also reduce the accidents.