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Clean The Lifting Chain

2019-03-15 16:00:05

Lifting chain is also called the lifting sling or lifting short chain. It is consist of short link chain which welded by round steel. It has been processed of fully heat treatment and test. Lifting chain is always in high strength and light weight. Certainly this chain must be in abrasion resistance. During manufacture process, we ensure the product quality strictly and satisfy making standard. So our lifting chains have impact resistance, bearing capacity and tenacity.

Clean the lifting chain regularly is a very important factor to extend chain service life. If lifting chains have not been cleaned for long time, it is easy to become rust or corrosion, and even make the labor intensity decreased. Certainly you had better put lifting chains in the dry environment to prevent rust.
Don’t use chemical cleaning agent which own strong acid or strong alkali. This is easy to lead corrosion more seriously, and even crack. You can not clean the stain with cleaning oil, because the stain is belong to organic solvent. Besides you ought to use clean brush to clear away the dirt in chain. Than using diesel to clean. After cleaning, you should use a dry cloth to clean lifting chain and parts.