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Classification and application of stainless steel chain

2020-12-18 10:18:50

Stainless steel chain is divided into friction transmission and meshing transmission according to the transmission mode, short pitch roller chain, double pitch roller chain, sleeve chain, bending roller chain, tooth chain, pin chain and stepless variable speed chain.

The contact between the stepless transmission chain and the chain of stepless transmission is represented by the contact between the two cone surfaces of the stepless transmission chain. The transmission ratio can be changed continuously in a fixed range to realize the purpose of stepless speed change.

Meshing transmission plays the advantages of chain drive compared with other drives. It is widely used in industry, agriculture and national production departments for its accurate transmission ratio, large force transmission, good flexibility and strong adaptability. Especially, the chain has been widely used in automobile, motorcycle and other engines to transfer the power between crankshaft and oil pump, crankshaft and balance shaft, camshaft.

With the continuous development of chain transmission technology and the improvement of chain manufacturing process, stainless steel chain, high strength chain, high wear chain, corrosion resistant chain, self-lubricating chain and low noise chain are introduced.

The products are also widely used, such as heavy weight chain for heavy load, split pin chain for easy disassembly, corrosion-resistant chain such as galvanized chain, nickel plated chain, Dacromet chain, etc., anti bending chain, side bending chain, O-ring chain under special working conditions, and bicycle chain with wide application. The chain used in aviation, automobile, electronic and other precision instruments requires high precision, long service life and beautiful appearance, which belongs to high value-added products.