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Classification Of Bottle Waher Machine

2019-03-15 15:50:13

Automatic bottle washing machine is satisfy with cleaning effect by multiple lotion soaking and injection. Generally speaking, bottles need to clean through many times soaking, lotion Spray, hot water injection and water injection. Automatic bottle washing machine operating and spraying continously, without any residence time. So it has been avoided the impact phenomenon which caused by inertia while in intermittent movement.

Different bottle washer machines have their own characteristics. The distance between the dirty bottle with single end type and clean bottle is small. So that it is easy to cause pollution and effect the quality of bottle. Certainly the double end type is worse than the single end type in the aspect of washing bottle space.

According to the movement type of bottle washer chain, the automatic bottle washer machine could be devided into two species. They are intermittent type and continuous type. The intermittent type always own simple structure and accurate action. But due to the bottle cover with a heavy load, the shock will be large while moving. The continous type is usually designed with continuous uniform motion. This needs little driving force. At the same time, it could prevent the bottle collision in the bottle cover. And even reduce the wear the bottle busbar and broken.