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Chain Structure and Operation Method of Cold Drawing Machine

2019-09-06 11:07:38

The chain of cold drawing machine is divided into its product series according to the basic structure of the chain, that is, the shape of the components, the parts and parts meshing with the chain, and the size ratio between the parts. There are many kinds of chains, but their basic structure is only the following, the others are these kinds of deformation. We can see from the above several chain structures that most of the chains are composed of chain plates, chain pins, axle sleeves and other components.


Cold Drawing Machine Chain


Chain usage method of cold drawing machine:

When drawing steel pipe, the whole inner chain plate enters the gap position between the two teeth of the pentagonal wheel. When the active wheel rotates in the W direction, the A-end of the inner chain plate first engages with one tooth of the pentagonal wheel, and then the other tooth of the pentagonal wheel engages with the B-end of the inner chain plate. Under heavy load, the pentagonal wheel drives the B-end of the inner chain plate forward. Because the rotation angle of B end hole and pin shaft of inner chain plate is larger than A end when drawing steel tube, under unidirectional gravity transmission, the wear of hole at one end of inner chain plate is much faster than that at the other end. When a new inner chain plate is put into use and pulled off at B end, the wear of hole at A end is only about 5mm-8mm. If it continues to be used, fatigue fracture will occur soon in the B-end hole. If it is used at this time, the life of the inner chain plate can be prolonged. The results show that it is feasible to turn the chain of cold drawing machine.

Cold Drawing Machine Chain


Selection of Lubricating Materials for Chain of Cold Drawing Machine:


In order to reduce friction and wear between friction pairs, all friction reducing materials can be used as lubricating materials. There are many kinds of lubricants, greases, solid lubricants and so on. When choosing lubricant for chain transmission, the coordination among lubrication form, ambient temperature and chain specification must be considered. High quality mineral oils with stable chemical properties are generally used, and the best ones are pure components, no oxidation and no impurities.


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