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Application Of Roller Chain Coupling

2019-03-15 15:46:56

Chain coupling is regarded as a kind of common tool. Roller chain is also own coupling. I has simple structure. When you assembly or disassembly the roller chain coupling, you will find it is very easy and not need to move the two connected.  

Roller chain coupling can used for the environment which with high temperature, wet and durty conditions. It is not suitable for the occasion which is in high speed and with strong impact load. Roller chain coupling should working with excellent lubrication and protection cover conditions.

The common chain coupling includes double roller chain coupling, single row roller chain coupling, tooth shape chain coupling, nylon chain coupling. Its scale is compact and its weight is light. But rooler chain coupling don’t have high requirement to installation precision.

Gernerally speaking, it is usually in long service life. Production line equipment for various kinds of frozen food and dehydrated vegetables should transport by stainless steel chain. Roller chains are widely applied to household, industrial and agricultural machinery, includes conveyor, drawing machine, printing machine, automobile, motorcycle and bicycle.