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Analysis of lubrication methods and steps of lifting chain and rigging

2020-03-11 15:24:41

As we all know, there is a big difference between the lifting chain sling and the flexible sling. The flexible sling is woven from high-strength polyester filament and has the characteristics of wear resistance and oxidation resistance. The hoisting chain sling is welded and assembled by metal rings. Compared with flexible sling, it is easy to wear and oxidize. In order to ensure the life of the hoisting chain sling, we need to lubricate the chain sling to reduce the chance of wear and oxidize.


1. Always add lubricating oil after cleaning, wiping or cleaning the lifting chain with solvent.


2. Make sure the chain is dry before lubricating.


3. How to lubricate the chain fixture


(1) The chain can be lubricated with grease. After the butter is heated, it flows into the friction surface of the bypass drive. This method has the advantages of thorough lubrication, strong adhesion and long service life.


(2) Lubricate the chain with a brush. The procedure is to add lubricating oil to the chain with a brush or oil filling pot, and it is better to do it once every 8 hours under working condition.


(3) Lubricate the chain by dripping oil. The procedure is to drop the oil between the two hinged plates with an oil drip cup, and the amount and period of oil filling shall be sufficient to prevent the oil at the hinge of the chain link from discoloring.


(4) Spray oil to lubricate the chain. Oil injection lubrication is to supply a continuous oil flow to each transmission chain. The oil should be added inside the chain link, right at the link of chain plate, along the loose side of the guide chain with uniform chain width.


4. Penetrate the lubricating oil into the chain bearing part, and then allow it to thicken or dry. This can really lubricate the parts of the chain that are easy to wear.


5. To confirm whether to use proper lubricating oil, you can pour some to test by hand. Good lubricants start to feel like water (penetration), but over time they thicken or dry (permanent lubrication).


6. In order to avoid excessive accumulation of lubricating oil, only the key parts of the chain should be oiled. After oiling, it will reduce the abrasion and abnormal sound of the chain during operation.


7. In other parts of the chain, only a little lubricating oil is needed to prevent rust.


8. Wipe off the excessive lubricating oil on the chain surface.


9. In the case of variable speed vehicles, attention should also be paid to rear variable speed pulleys, gears, flywheels, etc. Use the same principle to maintain and lubricate these parts.


10. After lubricating, wipe the excess oil on the chain with a dry cloth to avoid dirt and dust. Before refitting the chain, remember to clean the connection between the chains to ensure that there is no dirt left. After the chain is cleaned, some lubricating oil shall be applied inside and outside the connecting shaft before assembling the joint.


To sum up, coating lubricating oil for lifting rigging can reduce the wear of chain rigging, and also isolate the contact between oxygen and metal chain, greatly reducing the possibility of oxidation. Thus, the service life of the lifting chain sling is prolonged.