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Conveyor roller chain

Conveyor roller chain is main used for conveying material in industry area.It takes an important role in conveyor line.And now chain conveyor line is a kind of widely used for assembly line transportation equipment.

The chain conveyor line is in the load bearing chain, and each section of a higher load bearing roller. And the chain is the roller to roll with the track. As the chain roller and the track are by the rolling contact, the friction drag is small, low power loss and can carry a heavier load. Its load capacity and strength of the support, chain size and roller size, material has a close relationship, and roller material is usually steel, but some occasions in order to reduce noise, while the use of abrasion resistance of engineering plastics manufacturing.

There are many kinds of structure of the Conveyor roller chain, which have many kinds of accessories, which are easy to implement, and can be used to assemble the production line or the storage and transportation of materials.

Conveyor roller chain mainly include follow types:
1. Short pitch precision Conveyor roller chain
2. Double pitch Conveyor roller chain
3. Long pitch Conveyor roller chain
4. Flat top Conveyor roller chain
5. Light double hinged suspension Conveyor roller chain
6. Special Conveyor roller chain.

We can supply lots kinds of high quality Conveyor roller chains as per customer request.Welcome to inquiry us sales@gd-chain.com

Roller conveyor chain  Conveyor roller chain

Roller conveyor chain  Conveyor roller chain

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