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Short pitch precision roller and bush chains

Aug 22, 2018

As a high quality roller chain supplier, GIDI CHAIN LIMITED developed fastly in recent 8 years. Now we provide a wide range of roller chain using in many industries including material handling equipment, palm oil mill industry, sugar mill industry, engineering machinery, automatic production line, packing machine, mining&metallurgy, grain machine, mylar processing industry, beer bottling line, paver machine, car parking industry, and other conveyor and transmission equipment.

   roller chain is one of the most widely used and welcome products in the market. Its continuous innovative development is suitable to be the solutions for many conditions, standard roller chains, motorcycle driving chain, O-ring motorcycle chain, high strength roller chain, conveyor chains, agricultural driving chain, galvanized chain, nickel-plated chain, lubrication-free chain and oilfield chain etc.

   GIDI roller chain was produced by machinery processing from raw materials to finished products and a full set of quality testing equipment. Mechanical processing equipment include grinding machines, high speed punching machines, milling machines, high speed automatic rolling and assembling machine. Heat treatment was processed by continuous mesh belt conveyor furnace, mesh belt conveyor annealing furnace, advanced central control system of heat treatment, rotary furnace for chain component heat treatment, which ensure the stability and consistency of the key function of chain components. 

Product NameShort-pitch precision roller and bush chains
Model04C, 06C, 085, 08A, 10A, 12A, 16A, 20A, 24A, 28A, 32A, 36A, 40A, 48A      25, 35, 41, 40, 50~240             
06B, 08B, 10B, 12B, 16B, 20B, 24B, 28B, 32B, 40B, 48B, 56B, 64B, 72B Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, 
Materialcarbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, nylon
Design styleCustomize and standard
Quality approvedISO90001, SGS
Surface Treatmentrust-preventative oil
Shipping Typesea & air
Packagingcarton, wooden case, pallet