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Customized precision specialty engineering chains

Jun 25, 2018

GIDI main product:

Roller Chain, Conveyor Chain , Industrial Chain , Transmission Chain , Engineering Chain , Leaf Chain , Agricultural Chain , Stainless Steel Roller Chain, Special Chain ;

Our products are widely used in steam turbine, agricultural machinery, palm oil milling and conveyor industry, road construction like paver chains, metallurgy and mine;  cane and beet industry , automobile industry, paper processing, cement processing, grain processing, mining-metallurgical industries and so on.




 Product advantage 


1)High-end market positioning, High precision ;High stright quality control and assurance.

2)Total process quality control (Keep track and traceability from raw material to finished delivery , make sure our products in 100% meet quality requirements  )

3) Experienced  R&D technology team with high technology modern equipment to meet customer different special  demands. 

4)Perfect after-sales service support.




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