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Classification of roller chains

Mar 15, 2019

     Power transmission chain is closely related to many automobiles.Sometimes power transmission chains are also called roller chains. They canbe used in many applications to transfer motion and power from gears to wheelsand other moving parts. Here are three common types of roller chains.

     The first is the conveyor chain, which can provide large pitch sizelike the transmission chain. It has a wide range of applications, such asmobile shuttle trucks, bridge conveyors and cleaning boxes in industrial mining.Chains are connected to belts or cars and then move around gears. When the gearmoves, the chain moves, moving in turn along objects or belts attached to thechain.

     The second type is the extended pitch chain, which can providesmoother operation in some heavy applications. The pitch in the chain isdefined as the distance between three continuous rivets divided by two, so itspecifies the size of the chain. In order to gain the advantages of extendedpitch chains, the system must be set up to use chains of a specific size.

     The third type is the standard roller chain, which is used toprecisely move gears and transmission mechanisms, usually for extended lengthsin industrial applications. It has various sizes and strengths. The size of thechain matches the corresponding sprocket type, and the coordination of thechain must be close enough to prevent the chain from slipping during movement.

     There are two ways to make roller chains. These are riveting andopening pins. Riveted chains use short pins to cross each link from the sideand then rivet to provide additional strength. The open pin chain is also fixedon one side with a short pin, and then reinforced on the other side with adouble-forked detachable pin called the open pin.

      If you don't know something about roller chains, please come to ourcompany anytime for consultation. Our company Zhejiang Gidi industrialchain co.,ltd as a high quality roller chain supplier, developing fast inrecent 8 years. Now we provide a wide range of roller chain using in manyindustries including material handling equipment, palm oil mill industry, sugarmill industry, engineering, automatic production, packing machine, Mining &metallurgy, grain machine, Mylar processing industry, beer bottling line, pavermachine, car parking industry, and other conveyor and transmission equipment.

    Besides,our company is specialized in the production of variouskinds of industrialchain,conveyor chain, engineering chains,high tensile chains, sprockets and other power transmission components underISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.And all the products are manufactured as perISO606, DIN8187,JIS or GB standard.Besides we have adopted the most advancedhigh speed assembly machinery, punching machinery, bush-forming machinery, “SY”brand continuous mesh stove for heat-treatment of Taiwan origin to ensure highstable quality.And we have our own testing lab for raw material, twist,fatigue, breaking load and length accuracy.