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Influencing Factors To Drive Chain Quality

Drive chain plays an irreplaceable role in modern industry. Drive chain quality is decided by the work efficiency of transmission chain. Next we will tell some factor that affect the drive chain quality. 1.Dissimilar metal combination. For example, industrial transmission chain is formed by the combination of iron and copper, tin, lead and other non ferrous metals.2.The chains pollution. Such as paint pollution and oil pollution. In general, alkaline degreasing fluid is not easy to remove. It is ...

Notice For Storing Each Chains

People are not very known about the professional words, such as special convoy chain, special-shaped non-standard chain. But mostly people have connected with bicycle chain. Many people have seen the bicycle chain rust or fall off. It is same as special convoy chain. We must do good chain maintenance to extend the service life of chain and ensure the machine work normally. In fact it is not very complex to do daily chain maintenance. Each type chain has similar maintenance method. Firstly you sh ...

Different Between Single Pitch Roller Chain and Double Pitch Roller Chain

Roller chain is used in textile, agricultural machinery, lifting transportation, engineering, mining, light industry, chemical industry and other mechanical transmission shaft. It is also suitable for high temperature, wet and dusty conditions. But it can not be used in the occasion with high speed, drastic impact load or axial force. Chain coupling should working in good lubrication and protection cover conditions. There are a large differences between single pitch roller chain and double pitch ...

Chain Descriptions and Dimensions

Double-Pitch Conveyor Roller ChainProduced to ASME/ANSI B29.4,these chains are used in conveyor applications when loads are low and speeds are moderate.They are similar to the Double-Pitch Power Transmission chains, but with link plates that have an oval contour, and can produced with either standard or over-sized rollers.They are most ofter found working on conveyors of all shapes and sizes and can be supplied with one or more of our many attachments to carry or convey products.

Clean Up Bicycle Chain Timely

Nowadays it is more and more popular to health and green travel. Power transmission of the bicycle is basically  rely on the sprocket and chain. So we must take good care of these parts and ensure traffic safety. If the bike chain has not maintained, it will have the pollutant load chain after using for many times. It is easy to solve the problem of fallen chain. But it also means that the chain has been very old. The chain not own its original elastic and the transmission effect will be af ...

Industrial Roller Chain

Models:06B,08B,10B,12B,16B,20B,24B,28B,32B,40B,48B,56B,06C,40,41,50,60,80,100,120,140,160,180,200,240 etc.We offer a quality range of Industrial Roller Chains, which is offered at industry leading prices. These chains cater to the requirements of various heavy engineering applications, as these are light in weight and are dimensionally accurate. Further, our range is customized as per the specifications of our clients and is delivered with in the shortest time frame.We are catering industrial ro ...

How To Know Chain Quality

According to the purpose of chain, there are transmission chain, conveyor chain, decorative chain, rope tight chain and specialty chain. But according to their structure, they can divide into roller chain, sleeve chain, plate chain, nylon roller chain, scraper chain and ring chain.The chain is an important mechanical part. If its quality is poor, it will be scission when using and form social stopped. So must be very careful to compare and select higher quality products.You can know chain qualit ...

Lubricating Way To Convey Chain

The viscosity of lubricating oil movement is about 20 to 40 under the movement temperature in per second. Conveyor chain usually have four types of lubricating in transmission process. They are oil drip lubrication, oil lubrication, brush oil, oil bath lubrication or splash lubrication. 1.Drop the oil on the gap of internal and external chainplate through the oil pipe with oil cup. 2.The pump pressure lubrication supply chain continuously with the pump through the tubing. 3.Use pot or brush to o ...

How To Prevent Chain Scission

Generally speaking, there are two types of roller chain scission. They are breaking strength and fatigue fracture. Breaking strength means that with large coal, iron and other things clip on the tracks and making the roller chain broken finally. Fatigue fracture means that the roller chain has worked for long time and the its wear resistant coating on the surface fallen off, wear resistance decreased, carrying capacity weakened and the roller chain fatigue fracture. In case of accident, we must ...

Reason For Corrosion

Industrial chain is a special conveyor chain application for special industry. The material of chain are usually carbon steel, alloy steel or 304 stainless steel. They can be both used for industry area for different applications. It plays an important part in driving, and lifting.  And lots of areas need industrial chains. We offer four reasons that causing chain corrosion as followings:1.Companies have not obeyed the rule of cleaning rust and oil seal packaging. For example, the chain has ...