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12 years focusing in Conveyor Chains

12 years focusing in Conveyor Chains ,focus on manufacturing conveyor chainsOur Conveyor Chains are as following :*   Scraper conveyor chain*   FU Series Conveyor chain *  NE Series Conveyor chain*  NSE Series Hollow Pin Shaft Conveyor Chain*  DS Series Bucket Conveyor chain*  Z Series Conveyor ChainNote:<1> The Below Type can use different materials,like 40Cr,20Cr MnTi,etc<2>Beside those types,we can also make some nonstandard according to your specific ...

Stainless steel chain application for water treatment project

With the development of economy, environmental protection become more and more important.So the sewage disposal plant and water treatment project is very common.And stainless steel chain is widely used in in these water treatment project and sewage disposal plant.GIDI CHAIN LIMITED supply high quality stainless steel conveyor chain.The main material is 304SS or 316SS.This material has good antirust effect.Follow picture is one of our Thailand customers’s water treatment project.The stainless st ...

Special Chain Corner

GIDI CHAIN LIMITED produce high quality special chains.The chain pitch is usually larger than 100mm.The material 40Cr or better material like bearing steel and 42CrMo.These special chains are used in many industry.For example,car assembling industry,palm oil mill industry,bucket lift industry.Follow picture is some of our special chains.

industrial chain with ISO

Zhejiang Gidi industrial Chain co.,ltd.is specialized in the production of various kinds of industrial chain, roller chain,conveyor chain, engineering chain, high tensile chains, sprockets and other power transmission components under ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.And all the products are manufactured as per ISO606,DIN8187,JIS or GB standard.Besides we have adopted the most advanced high speed assembly machinery, punching machinery, bush-forming machinery, “SY” brand continuous mesh stove ...

the chain engages the sprocket

From the center of each roller of a new chain to the center of the next is precisely 1/2" (12.7 mm). This dimension is known as the "pitch" of the chain. The diameter of the sprocket is determined by the pitch and the number of teeth. The pitch circle (actually, a polygon with sides 1/2" long) is where the rollers sit if they are all at the same distance from the center of the sprocket. The sprocket teeth are made so that rear face of each one at the pitch circle is 1/2" ...

2017 Shanghai roller chain exhibition

GIDI CHAIN LIMITED attended in Shanghai PTC exhibition from 2017.10.31 to 2017.11.03. Our special chains are welcomed with the worldwide customers.And we reached many cooperation for the conveyor chain business.

Clean The Lifting Chain

Lifting chain is also called the lifting sling or lifting short chain. It is consist of short link chain which welded by round steel. It has been processed of fully heat treatment and test. Lifting chain is always in high strength and light weight. Certainly this chain must be in abrasion resistance. During manufacture process, we ensure the product quality strictly and satisfy making standard. So our lifting chains have impact resistance, bearing capacity and tenacity. Clean the lifting chain r ...

Transmission Chain Different From Conveyor Chain

There are many kinds of chains. According to their detail functions, chains could be divided into two types, they are transmission chains and conveyor chains. These two types have many differences. Conveyor chains are more slowly than transmission chains. That is the most obvious difference. Conveyor chains are used to conveying chains.In order to reach some special requirements, the weight of conveyor chains could not upon the range that on the rule. At the same time, it should form a certain p ...

Faults In Conveyor Chain

Conveyor chain is the most common chain in industrial chains. From the line to the food industry, conveyor chain is in everywhere. However the conveyor chain wear is also very common. Because conveyor chain is too tired. If the chain has been worn for long time, that will really direct its working efficiency. In fact, you can arranged the chain in a reverse and continue to use with the slight wear one. As we all known, adding lubricating oil regularly to the conveyor chain can decrease the wear. ...

Species Of Industrial Chain

There are various species of industrial chains. With their application, they could be divided into four types. They are transmission chain, conveyor chain, drag chain and special chain. Such as bush chains, tooth transmission chain, casting and stamping hook chain, hanging convey chain, lifting plate chain, ring chain, stainless steel chain, corrosion resistant chain, plastic chain, powder metallurgy chain, variable speed chain, anti-skid chain and so on.Certainly each industrial chain need to b ...