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Classification of roller chains

     Power transmission chain is closely related to many automobiles.Sometimes power transmission chains are also called roller chains. They canbe used in many applications to transfer motion and power from gears to wheelsand other moving parts. Here are three common types of roller chains.     The first is the conveyor chain, which can provide large pitch sizelike the transmission chain. It has a wide range of applications, such asmobile shuttle trucks, bridge conv ...

Introduction To Sprocket

Sprocket has become very important for our day-to-daylife, but what is a sprocket to be exact? This is a normal and quite popularwheel or gear that has a row of teeth made from metal that combine great with atrack or a chain. In this area you might have heard about the notion"pitch", which refers to the length registered between 2 sprockets.In this situation, the gears are prevented from slipping away and are normallyapplied when the chains are engaged by wheels or gears. In addition t ...

Heavy Duty Offset Sidebar Roller Chain

Heavy Duty Offset Sidebar Roller ChainThe heavy duty offset sidebar roller chain is designed for drive and traction purposes, and is commonly used on mining equipment, grain processing equipment, as well as equipment sets in steel mills. It is processed with high strength, impact resistance, and wearing resistance, so as to ensure safety in heavy duty applications.Design and Processing Advantages1. Made of medium carbon steel, the offset sidebar roller chain undergoes processing steps like heati ...

Track Chain for Overhead Conveyor

Electrostatic spraying & toast suspension chain conveyor chainProcessing the non-standard chains by your drawingoverhead conveyor for powder coatinglineChain PitchP150P200P250Chain maintenance and precautionsLines after the installation, check whether there is different sound transmission seat, adjust the seat is flexible and scalable,Bend and lift part if there is a different sound, chain running jitter, if there is any abnormal ,please ruled out.After line normal operation, in the chain of ...

Short pitch precision roller and bush chains

As a high quality roller chain supplier, GIDI CHAIN LIMITED developed fastly in recent 8 years. Now we provide a wide range of roller chain using in many industries including material handling equipment, palm oil mill industry, sugar mill industry, engineering machinery, automatic production line, packing machine, mining&metallurgy, grain machine, mylar processing industry, beer bottling line, paver machine, car parking industry, and other conveyor and transmission equipment. ...

ANSI standard 304 Stainless steel roller chain

Item NameStandard transmission Roller ChainsModelSeries A, Series BRowSimplex/Duplex/TriplexApplicationMachinery PartsSurface TreatmentSelf-color/sand-blasted/shot-peeningCertificationISO, ANSI, DIN, BSPackingPackaged in boxes and wooden cases, or packaged in reels and then on pallets.PortAny sea port or airport in China 

Custom Design Conveyor Roller Chain

Material: 40Cr, 65Mn,40Mn, 45Mn, Stainless steel, Etc.    Finish for pin Blacken, Zinc plating, spray shooting, Chromed,     Claasification: Roller chain / elevator chains / feeder house chains     Application:  Corn harvester/ wheat harvester/ rice harvester/ other machinery with chains     Accessary Rubber paddles, slats for chain assemblies,  roller, Bush, Pin, K attachments, A attachments, CL, OL, Etc.   &nb ...

ISO Standard Chains scraper conveyor chain Agricultural Chains

MT series Large Pitch Metric Conveyor chainsISO Standard Chains scraper conveyor chain Agricultural ChainsProduct Description ISO Chain No. Pitch d1 d2 d3 T b1 L h2 h U.T.S A.T.S max max max max min max max max mm mm mm m ...

Customized precision specialty engineering chains

GIDI main product: Roller Chain, Conveyor Chain , Industrial Chain , Transmission Chain , Engineering Chain , Leaf Chain , Agricultural Chain , Stainless Steel Roller Chain, Special Chain ;Our products are widely used in steam turbine, agricultural machinery, palm oil milling and conveyor industry, road construction like paver chains, metallurgy and mine;  cane and beet industry , automobile industry, paper processing, cement processing, grain processing, mining-metallurgical industrie ...

Heavy Duty Cranked Chain

GIDI CHAIN LIMITED supply heavy duty cranked chain.And we have stock for these chains.Like 2010,2512,2814,3315,3618,4020,4824,5628,WG781,and WG103.The chains usually used in steel factory.Welcome to inquiry.Follow is our photo of heavy duty cranked chain.