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Supervision on quality

1、Inspection on Material
(1) We request steel supplier to offer certificate of steel quality and table of steel elements.
(2) Our inspector has sampling test on the material.
(3) Only the qualified material is allowed to put into the storage and then processed by cold rolling ,cutting ,in order to get a perfect state to make chain.


2、Inspection on Chain Parts

(1) Dies Developing Center has all dies inspected before use .(100%)
(2) Operators inspect chain parts from time to time during the production.
(3) Quality supervisors inspect parts incessantly in workshop.
(4) Operators process all parts by antirust.
(5) Quality supervisors inspect dies every hour to secure the accuracy of the dies.
Inspection on Chain Parts Inspection on Chain Parts Inspection on Chain Parts


3、 Heat Treatment

(1)We have advance equipment of heat treatments which can assure the high quality and stable character of all chain parts .And all necessary data during heat treatment are processed and recorded by computer.
(2)Quality supervisors test the hardness ,carbon layers of chain parts carefully after heat treatment and record the results which are to be forwarded to Quality Control Center later.
(3) Shot Peening is a must program for GD chain. Largely it improves the fatigue strength and the life of chain.
(4) All parts are processed by antirust again.
Heat Treatment Heat Treatment Heat Treatment


4、Inspection During Production.
(1) Every assembly line matches a Part-Tester which solves the problem of the shortage of chain parts.
(2) Operators control the width between inner plates when assembling.
(3) Running in.
(4) Part Shortage test.
(5) Surface and flexibility test.

5、Inspection of Finished Products
(1) Tensile test .(sampling)
(2) Measurement for Chain Length. (sampling)
(3) Fatigue Breakage Test . (sampling)
(4) Wear Test. (sampling)


Tensile test Measurement for
Chain Length Fatigue Breakage Test Wear Test