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CONNECTING LINK (Spring Clip Type ) :
Spring clip type is standard for small pitch chains through size #60.
Similar to the pin link, except that the detachable plate is slip-fitted to the pins and retained by a spring clip.
CONNECTING LINK (Cotter Pin Type) :
Cotter type is standard for #80 chain through #240 chain.
Similar to the pin link except that the detachable plate is slip-fitted to the pins and retained by cotter pins.
CONNECTING LINK (Cotter Pin Type) :
Similar to the cotter type connecting link, except the detachable plate is retained by one single long cotter pin.
Supplied when required.
OFFSET LINK (Standard : Single-Pitch Offset Link) :
When a strand of chain consists of an odd number of pitches, an offset link is needed to assemble the chain. Assembly is simple, and chains can be custom
fit to your power transmission needs. (Also known as a half link).
Consists of two offset link plates, one special pin, one bushing and one roller. The pin is slip-fitted and retained by a cotter pin.
Consists of an offset link and a roller link permanently riveted together. The Pin is press fitted to the offset link plated. Standard for 1/4 inch pitch (Ansi#25) and smaller chains.
ROLLER LINK : (ISO Inner link)
Consists of two bushings press fitted to each of the link plates and two rollers. Just enough clearance is provided for the rollers to turn freely over the bushings. The same roller links are used for both single and multiple strand chains.
PIN LINK: (ISO Outer link)
Permanent outside link that cannot be removed. Consists of a U-link (two pins and two pin link plates assembly) and a press fit plate. The pins are press fitted to both plates and riveted after assembly.