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Chain Asking

Which chain sizes come with spring clip connecting links?
• 25 to 60 have spring clip connecting links.
• 80 to 200 have cotter pin connecting links.
• 240 has a spring pin connecting link.

What lubrication should be used in high temperature applications?
We recommend SAE 50 for applications between 50ºC and 60ºC.
From 60ºC to 230ºC, synthetic lubricant is required. Ester based lubricants operate well under these conditions.

What is an offset link and what is its purpose?
An offset link can shorten or lengthen a strand of chain by one pitch. It is recommended not to use them in heavy loaded, high speed, or shock load applications. Due to their design, offset links are 35% weaker than the chain itself.

Can I use a single pitch sprocket with double pitch chain?
When the single pitch sprocket has 30 teeth or greater, it is generally safe to use double pitch chain. The risk of the chain not coming off the sprocket properly increases below 30 teeth, and can cause the chain to wrap around the sprocket.

What is the allowable elongation of roller chain?
For transmission chain, there is almost no risk of fatigue failure when wear elongation is less than or equal to 1.5 percent. For conveyor chain, wear elongation should not exceed 2.0 percent.

What are the critical measurements on ANSI chain?
The three measurements to determine the size of a chain are roller diameter, inside width of the roller link, and the pitch. Pin diameter and sideplate thickness are both important measurements for determining allowable load capabilities.