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2017 Shanghai roller chain exhibition

GIDI CHAIN LIMITED attended in Shanghai PTC exhibition from 2017.10.31 to 2017.11.03. Our special chains are welcomed with the worldwide customers.And we reached many cooperation for the conveyor chain business.

Clean The Lifting Chain

Lifting chain is also called the lifting sling or lifting short chain. It is consist of short link chain which welded by round steel. It has been processed of fully heat treatment and test. Lifting chain is always in high strength and light weight. Certainly this chain must be in abrasion resistance. During manufacture process, we ensure the product quality strictly and satisfy making standard. So our lifting chains have impact resistance, bearing capacity and tenacity. Clean the lifting chain r ...

Transmission Chain Different From Conveyor Chain

There are many kinds of chains. According to their detail functions, chains could be divided into two types, they are transmission chains and conveyor chains. These two types have many differences. Conveyor chains are more slowly than transmission chains. That is the most obvious difference. Conveyor chains are used to conveying chains.In order to reach some special requirements, the weight of conveyor chains could not upon the range that on the rule. At the same time, it should form a certain p ...

Faults In Conveyor Chain

Conveyor chain is the most common chain in industrial chains. From the line to the food industry, conveyor chain is in everywhere. However the conveyor chain wear is also very common. Because conveyor chain is too tired. If the chain has been worn for long time, that will really direct its working efficiency. In fact, you can arranged the chain in a reverse and continue to use with the slight wear one. As we all known, adding lubricating oil regularly to the conveyor chain can decrease the wear. ...

Species Of Industrial Chain

There are various species of industrial chains. With their application, they could be divided into four types. They are transmission chain, conveyor chain, drag chain and special chain. Such as bush chains, tooth transmission chain, casting and stamping hook chain, hanging convey chain, lifting plate chain, ring chain, stainless steel chain, corrosion resistant chain, plastic chain, powder metallurgy chain, variable speed chain, anti-skid chain and so on.Certainly each industrial chain need to b ...

Double Pitch Stainless Steel Chain

Double pitch stainless steel chain is made of stainless steel. This chains are mostly used in food industry. And it also could be used in the occasions which is easy to be erosion by chemical materials or drugs. Sometimes people use them in high or low temperature.Some double pitch stainless steel chains can convey different kinds of goods. These double pitch stainless steel chain plates are under the national standard, they are called straight side chain plate. Besides their roller includes big ...

Classification Of Bottle Waher Machine

Automatic bottle washing machine is satisfy with cleaning effect by multiple lotion soaking and injection. Generally speaking, bottles need to clean through many times soaking, lotion Spray, hot water injection and water injection. Automatic bottle washing machine operating and spraying continously, without any residence time. So it has been avoided the impact phenomenon which caused by inertia while in intermittent movement. Different bottle washer machines have their own characteristics. The d ...

Increasing Demands For Leaf Chain

Generally speaking, leaf chain is also called conveying plate chain. This chain is used for connect two solid and rotate between them. It is a conveying mechanical device. Chain plate may be composed of movable component or folding material. It could be divided into two types according to the materials. They are stainless steel chain plate and chains plate. Hydraulic chain plate can get better operation and maintenance in the production of transport operations. This chain plate has buffer capaci ...

Adjust Motorcycle Chain Correctly

Motorcycle chain can be divided into two types. They are used for different positions. Some are used in the engine, some are used outside the engine. Motorcycle chains are mostly belong to bushing chains. When you adjust the motorcycle chain, you should be more careful. At first, adjust the tightness of motorcycle chain timely. Checking the buffer bearing usually and adding grease. It will be damaged without lubrication. That will lead to bad result. Besides you should know that whether before a ...

Application Of Roller Chain Coupling

Chain coupling is regarded as a kind of common tool. Roller chain is also own coupling. I has simple structure. When you assembly or disassembly the roller chain coupling, you will find it is very easy and not need to move the two connected.  Roller chain coupling can used for the environment which with high temperature, wet and durty conditions. It is not suitable for the occasion which is in high speed and with strong impact load. Roller chain coupling should working with excellent lubric ...