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ISO Standard Chains scraper conveyor chain Agricultural Chains

MT series Large Pitch Metric Conveyor chainsISO Standard Chains scraper conveyor chain Agricultural ChainsProduct Description ISO Chain No. Pitch d1 d2 d3 T b1 L h2 h U.T.S A.T.S max max max max min max max max mm mm mm m ...

Customized precision specialty engineering chains

GIDI main product: Roller Chain, Conveyor Chain , Industrial Chain , Transmission Chain , Engineering Chain , Leaf Chain , Agricultural Chain , Stainless Steel Roller Chain, Special Chain ;Our products are widely used in steam turbine, agricultural machinery, palm oil milling and conveyor industry, road construction like paver chains, metallurgy and mine;  cane and beet industry , automobile industry, paper processing, cement processing, grain processing, mining-metallurgical industrie ...

Heavy Duty Cranked Chain

GIDI CHAIN LIMITED supply heavy duty cranked chain.And we have stock for these chains.Like 2010,2512,2814,3315,3618,4020,4824,5628,WG781,and WG103.The chains usually used in steel factory.Welcome to inquiry.Follow is our photo of heavy duty cranked chain.

Conveyor Chain with A2 Attachment

Conveyor chain is used in conveyor equipment or system.And there are some A1 attachment,A2 attachment or K2 attachment on the conveyor chain.It is fixed with the equipment and chain together.Follow photos are conveyor chain with A1 attachment and A2 attachment.

Forged Scraper Chain

Forged scraper chain is widely used in kinds of industries.GIDI CHAIN LIMITED supply forged scraper chain.The main pitch is P125,P160 and P200 ect.Follow photo is one of forged scraper chains for vietnam customer.

Hollow Pin Chain

GIDI CHAIN LIMITED supply high quality hollow pin chain,Include standard hollow pin chain,like C2080HP chain and also can supply other P101.6 hollow pin chain as per drawing.Follow picture is one kind of hollow pin chains for customer.

WH124 Chain for Lumber Conveyor

Lumber conveyor chain mainly include 81X series and 3939.But We also supply WH124 chain for lumber conveyor project.We use high quanlity material and advantage heat treatment process.It can ensure the chain quality.Follow photo is the WH124 chain for our US customer.

Large Size Conveyor Chain

GIDI CHAIN LIMITED supply lots kinds of conveyor chains.And our advantage is on large size conveyor chain.We can design the chain as per customer’s requrest.We use superior material,like 40Cr or 42CrMo.And these chains are ensured to use for 1-2 years life at least.Follow picture is our large size conveyor chains.It is exported to Europe,USA and East-south Asia.

Many Customers have cooperated wih us after SHANGHAI PTC exhibition

  In 2017 we attended in SHANGHAI PTC exhibition.  During this 4 days, we met customers and potential customers.And talked our product and cooperation. They trust our chain quality and like new type chain.Many potential customers express that they want to cooperate with us.Now GIDI chains are accepted by more and more customers.And our chains appear in various industries,like palm oil mill factory,material handling industry,food and packing industry,automatic production line, ...

Palm Oil Mill Chain

Indonesia,Malysia,Thailand these three countries are main coutry which produce palm oil.And the palm oil factory needs palm oil chain for the equipment. GIDI CHAIN LIMITED supply OEM palm oil mill chain for Indonesia,Malysia,Thailand market.We supply palm oil mill chain for NIS brand and the chains are good enough.Follow picture is some of our palm oil chains.